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Taylor Made Services (TMS) is a database consultant company providing FileMaker database development services. Examples include: inventory, invoicing, purchase orders, production tracking, customers, vendors, credit card processing, emailing, shipping, merged documents, labels, envelopes, time and attendance, etc.

Target Audience

We focus on businesses that have need of a mission critical custom database. Our customers are primarily located in the Dallas, Fort Worth and North Texas areas.

Here are some common business needs we can help you solve:

Current Security News and Special Offers

Two Factor Authentication: In conjunction with Richard Carlton Consulting, Taylor Made Services has made a video about Two Factor Authentication for those wanting to increase their security to a new level without significantly impacting staff. Just click the graphic to the right to see the video! And you can download the sample file (uu encoded) (July 2015)

FileMaker 14 is out as of May 12, 2014. We've been testing it and the server in particular is a lot faster. We tested a common template opening file on a beta server and found the startup script to be about 50% faster than in FileMaker 13. FileMaker is claiming about a 25% increase in WebDirect performance. And security has been enhanced several ways. More info coming!

FileMaker 13 Security Update: In April 2015, FileMaker, Inc. released an important security patch to FileMaker 13. The latest Upgrade to Filemaker Pro (13.0 v9) will disable the ability for you to connect to a server which does not have this security update. You will need to install the server upgrade and install a 3rd party SSL authorized certificate. If you already have FM version 13, we will upgrade your server to FMS 13.0 v9, perform encryption at rest (encryption at the file level, even if someone physically steals your files they cannot open them) and install the certificate. The cost of this service is $500 plus the cost of the certificate. We can assist you with the purchase of a certificate. Certificates range in price from about $5-300/year.

Two Factor Authentication:  We can offer additional security by setting up 2 factor authentication for your FileMaker solutions. You already have a single factor authentication when you log in with a User ID and password. The second factor authentication would be validating the computer that you are using. Computers have a type of serial number or VIN called a Persistent ID. The 2nd factor would allow only authorized computers to connect. If you need to add a new computer, you can approve the new hardware in your database or you can have the system automatically send an email with code to authorize use of the new hardware. But this code can only be sent to employees with a known company email address. With 2 Factor authentication, even if someone from overseas gets your User ID and password, they would not be able to access your database. The cost for two factor authentication is $500 per server and $25 for each additional database on the server.

MAC OS X: A number of our clients use Macs and we are a Mac friendly business. Apple's operating system has been less vulnerable than Windows and because of this, many Mac users have been lax about security. Apple released Mac OS X 10.10.3 in April 2015 and this addresses a number of security holes of the Mac OS X including a serious one in the Admin Framework (CVE-2015-1130). If your company uses Macs, please upgrade to 10.10.3. If your hardware is too old to run 10.10.3, you need to purchase new harware.

The security costs are a limited time pricing since we are doing a number of these right now and because of the changes in FileMaker's security policies. We cannot guarantee we can work on everyone's solution, so please contact us to confirm we can support you and these prices.

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We are active in the FileMaker software development community and belong to the FileMaker Business Alliance, FileMaker Community Network, and the local chapter of the FileMaker Users Group (FMPUG). We are also FileMaker certified, which is a test of proficiency given by FileMaker. We have developed a FileMaker approved vertical solution through through FileMaker's Solutions Bundle Agreement program and we have been approved in the "Made for FileMaker" program.

Database Mission

We specialize in designing reasonably priced secure FileMaker databases for small to medium sized businesses, and making mobile solutions with FileMaker Go for iPads and iPhones. We also support Mac OS X server including the popular and inexpensive Mac Mini server. We are able to handle complete deployments including setting up FileMaker to work with Directory Authentication Services and Web Services. We also work with your local IT department to integrate FileMaker networking and security.

Many of our clients also have need to integrate FileMaker with existing database solutions and we have experience intergating FileMaker with Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL databases. FileMaker Go on the iPad and iPhone can also access FileMaker Servers as well as SQL databases! Please contact us if you want your iPad or iPhone to securely access corporate data and we can make that happen!

We have a special appreciation for the Mac platform, but equally support both Windows and Mac platforms for FileMaker database development.

FileMaker WebDirect is available on FileMaker Servers and often used for credit card payment processing or other information customers might want submit through a web browser.

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